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Check out my fishing trips to Russia, which are based on my own fishing experiences. Each of my trips is conducted directly by me and with my personal participation.

I can guarantee two things: great fishing adventure and competitive prices.

As a rule, the expeditions are held in such a way, that we meet at the airport in Moscow or other convenient place and since that time the participants until the end of the expedition are under my care.

On my website you will find expeditions in various regions of Russia, with varying degrees of difficulty, but even these the most difficult ones are not survival expeditions. All of my tours have two goals: experience of great fishing adventures and ensure the safety of all participants.

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Irek Szatlach



Trophy taimen fishing.  

Taimen fishingI would like to invite you to Russia, in the distant cavernous Siberian taiga, to the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khabarovsk, Kamchatka  and Yakutia. To the places where still reigns legendary Taimen. This fish - Taimen is a biggest salmon on earth,  just fished only in the distant Russia and certain rivers of Mongolia, the king of the river and one of the most valuable and rarest trophies fishing on our planet. To the Khabarovsk, Yacutia and Krasnoyarsk Territory, one of the least populated areas in the world, to places where they are fishing for Taimen.


Rafting and fishing on Siberian rivers

-  perhaps the best way to combine travel, fishing and recreation. The constantly changing landscape, more and more fishing space and no sound except the noise of the mountain river, the rustle of the leaves on the trees and splashes of jumping out fish of the water. Rafting and fishing are absolutely magnificent journey that allows you to not only renounce all worldly problems, but Siberia fishing tripsalso to test selves. Check, if you are ready to leave the cell phone, business, jobs, all the problems and get to where there is only you and your fishing rod.


Organization fishing alloy of the Siberian rivers in Russia is quite complex and requires good preparation. That is why during the trip your guides will be people well-versed in the Siberian taiga and river. In addition to theyr fishing experience weapons and satellite phone here are things indispensable. Do not go on this journey with untested people. Rafting on the rivers of Siberia suggest meeting with the wild animals, which are not rarely dangerous to humans. In the fall, during the rut, do not try to take a picture next to the released elk or deer. At this time they are rather aggressive and can attack anyone. And such a beast, like a bear, generally quite unpredictable, so do not attract its caught fish or a can of condensed milk. Maybe it will have very different preferences. Therefore, during the fishing alloy, be extremely careful. Each participant of the alloy must be prepared for a wild of Siberia. Pay special attention to the issues of alcohol. Do not start the morning with a Amur pike fishinggood vodka shot. Leave it for the evening. Then the bite will be better, and the liver will be healthy ;-)


Depending on the area and the river, we use different modes of transport: mother ship with boats, pontoons, hovercrafts, or high-speed airboat which allow us to reach inaccessible places really. Sometimes to reach the most rimote spots on the river and start fishing we use helicopter transport, special vehicles or off road cars.


Accommodation during the fishing alloy depends on the chosen route and the river. Very often guides accompanying the group are hunters, engaged fishing in the region and having on the river banks hunting huts in which  we stay to wait out bad weather or just stay overnight. A large part of the journey takes place in a constant dynamic and changing fishing spots, so the campground is the most convenient and comfortable form of accommodation. The campground is divided by the river participants of the tour led by a guide. The tents are easy to install Siberia expeditionsand comfortable enough (double and single tent with a vestibule). In addition, there are tents - tent for the kitchen and a tent sauna.




If you have never participated in such an event, as an siberian alloy with fishing, do not waste time, get your friends together and go into the unknown distance. If you love the nature, wildness and excelent fishing you will love it and I’m sure you will come back.


Irek Szatlach

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