Premium salmon fishing on Kamchatka for true connoisseurs!



Administrative center and airport: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Population – 322000 people

Time  difference with Moscow time: + 9 hours

Permission to visit: tourist visa

The cost of meals: from 300 RUB. (lunch in bar), from 600 RUB. (lunch, dinner in the restaurant, not including drinks).

Taxi: from 150 to 700 rubles within the city. Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky – Yelizovo from 1000 RUB.

Bus: the ticket costs from 23 RUB urban, interurban from 40 RUB.




Kamchatka located in the North of the country and covers an area of 472,3 thousand km2. The province included part of the mainland, the Kamchatka Peninsula, Karaga and the commander Islands. The extreme southern point is Cape Lopatka (50°57’ N), the most  North point is almost at the Arctic circle (65° N. lat.). In the South of Kamchatka is bordered by the Kuril Islands in the North and North-West of the Chukotka Autonomous district and the Magadan region. From the East it is washed by waters of the Pacific ocean, from the North-East – the Bering Sea and West to Okhotsk.


Kamchatka is Russia's only region of active volcanism. In addition, the Kamchatka Peninsula, with its many volcanoes is part of the famous Pacific "ring of fire". Over 70% of its territory is occupied by mountains. There is more than 1000 volcanoes, including 29 active and about 300 extinct.

Volcanic activity is evident not only in the eruptions. In Kamchatka ypu will find 274 hot mineral springs (with temperatures ranging from +12 to +100 °C for fans of "hot" sensations).


The climate of the Peninsula is oceanic, relatively mild, with high rainfall up to 2000 mm/year (height of snow cover reaches 2,5 - 3,0 m), long frost-free period is 140 days. Long-term average air temperatures are in January  -16,4°C, in July +13°C.




The flora and fauna of the Kamchatka region is characterized by remarkable diversity. This variation is due to several conditions: climate diversity zones, landcsape and places where it has not yet reached civilization, where nature still retains its original appearance.

On the territory of Kamchatka is inhabited 918 species of animals, birds and fish. Among the most interesting animals are the brown bear, elk, reindeer, bighorn sheep, also here you can meet even a wolverine. Without a doubt, the king of the Kamchatka fauna is the brown bear.


FISHING on Kamchatka.

Fishing for salmon on Kamchatka Penisula is legendary and considered among the best in the world. In the waters of the peninsula live all kinds of Pacific salmon (chinook salmon, pink salmon, Coho, sockeye, and keta) that annually millions of spawning in local rivers, as well as many other fish that live permanently in the rivers and lakes like arctic char, grayling or big trout. Deep lakes and fast mountain rivers full of the noblest species of fish and ferocity of these places make the Kamchatka Peninsula for many years a place of dreams for the most anglers. Kamchatka rivers preserved inthe same state as nature created them, many thousands years ago. The huge population and diversity of fish species occurring here in conjunction with the wildlife, makes this place unique. After their memorable moments and fishing trophies come here flyfishers both with seasoned and budding spinners. Guiding principle used here is catch and release, however is allowed, take the fish to the current consumption.

The best time to catch Kamchatka salmonides.




Fish species  Maximum size cm  Maximum weight, kg Fishing Season

Kamchatka fishing season


Chinook salmon 150         40 5 June - 30 July
Nerka (Sockeye) 80 4 June 15 - September 15
Coho 80 4,5 20 August - 30 Septemb
Pink salmon 70 3 July 15 - August 20
Keta      85 4,5 July 15 - August 15
Arctic Char 70 3 Throughout the year
Rainbow trout 85 5 Throughout the year
Grayling 70 1,5 Throughout the year
Sima (Masu) 65 3 May 15 - July 10














Climate and weather

The average monthly air temperature and weather conditions:

May, June: +4, little rainfall, rests of old snow, almost never rains.

June: +9, occasional rains sometimes it rains.

 July: +13, rains and rainstorms regular.

 August: +14, stable weather, rare precipitation.

September: - the +10, steady weather, rare precipitation, freezing nights.

October is +5, not stable weather, freezing nights, snow, rain ordinary.



Fishing on the Bahly River.

Period: from 01 August to 20 October

Objects of fishing: chum salmon, pink salmon, coho salmon, brook trout, and brown trout.

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights

Tour description:

The Bahly River located on the Eastern coast of Kamchatka. Originates in the South-Eastern foothills of the active volcano Zhupanovsky  and empties into the Pacific ocean between Cape Nalychevo and Shipunskiy Peninsula. The length of the river 85 km with a catchment area of 860 sq km. the Total length of the alloy of about 80 km.

Shipping on the river, helicopter back to the yacht on the sea. Accommodation during the fishing 2-person tents. Fishing with rafting on 16-18 foot boats (inflatable rafts). On each raft is not more than 3 to 4 fishermen. The guide controls the raft with 2 oars swing, so fishermen do not need to participate in rowing. Fishing from the raft and from the shore.


The program of the tour:

Bahli River

 1. Arrival to Kamchatka. Meeting at the airport. Moving to the helipad. Flight by helicopter MI-8 at the Bahli River (40 minute flight one way). Lunch. Fishing. Overnight in tents on the shore.

Day 2 - 6. Fishing with an alloy. Overnight in tents on the shore. Lunch. Fishing. Overnight in tents on the shore.

Day 7. The end of rafting and fishing. The yield on the boat to the city. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 8. Spare day.

Day 9. Transfer to the airport. Departure

The price includes:

1. Meeting, seeing off, transfer, transportation (bus, Bahli river, helicopter, boat).

2. Hotel accommodation (2-bed rooms).

3. Food on the route.

4. Guide services, cook services, english-ruussian translator and guide.

5. Group equipment (vessels, tents, kitchen, life vests).

6. Fishing license (name on each fishing day).

7. Insurance.


The price does not include:

1. Air tickets to Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky and back.

2. Food in the city and at the recreation center.

3. Personal equipment, fishing tackle.


Necessary personal equipment:

Waterproof backpack or bag for personal belongings, sleeping bag (t -10°C), an air mattress or a polyurethane Mat (sleeping pad), waders (pants-Brody) or waders, overshoes windproof waterproof hooded jacket, a set of warm clothes (jacket, sweater, pants, socks, cap, gloves), Cape, raincoat, lightweight hat, bathing suit.


Contact: Irek Szatlach

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