Guiding fishing for taimen on the river, Turukhansk district, Krasnoyarsk Area

Program benefits:
• No helicopter drops (very good price), transfer to fishing camp is made by the hovercraft and does not take more than 3.5 hours
• Availability in the river big trout up to 40 kg and a real possibility of being caught
• 6 full days of fishing
• Very experienced local fishing guide – (over 10 years practice), focus on trophy fishing
• Really good price


Fishing season:
July – September
Fishing trophies:
Taimen, lenok, grayling, whitefish, pike, burbot etc.
From 5 to 12 people
Venue tour
Krasnoyarsk, Turukhansk, Krasnoyarsk Area, rivers of the lower Tunguska river, Severnaya and their tributaries.

The spacious all-weather tents for two people, equipped with bunks (beds) with mattresses. In the dark (lights out) all the rooms of the fishing camps are lit by electricity (generator).

In the fishing camp are also:
• dining area (tent, tables, chairs)
• bath (banya – russian sauna)
• toilet


Three meals a day: Breakfast, lunch – snack, dinner.
Hot tea – any time fishing and recreation.
Alcoholic beverages:
Anglers purchase their own – the cost of services not included.

Cost: depends on group quantity

The price includes the above services, as well as:
• shipping in the fishing camp and back
• consulting to acquire the necessary gear, location of fishing, choosing baits, method of use during preparing for fishing and
• carrying out fishing – support group fishing guide, assisting in the breeding trophies and proper resuscitation and release of fish
• lease a hovercraft khivus with the driver.
• carrying out a bath – at least three times during the Tour
• all transfers needed to implement the Tour in Turukhansk

The Tour price does not include:

• flight to Turukhansk and back
• accommodation in hotels
• additional expenses and services

Schedule the fishing trip:

• 1st day – arrival to Turukhansk, transfer to fishing camp 3-3,5 hour, dinner, rest
• 2-7 days – fishing and recreation. The hovercraft gives anglers in catchability point. Fishing and recreation are conducted by the guide-tie, he also organizes the meal and the rest of the fishermen. Fishing is from the shore and from SVP.
• 8th day Breakfast, transfer Turukhansk, departure to Krasnoyarsk


Contakt: Irek Szatlach

+48 534 628 458

Fishing tour - taimen in the pristine taiga  river with hovercraft transfer.