Taimen fishing on Yenisey River tributaries in wild taiga.


During this trip we will go fishing into deep Siberian taiga. River Worogowka - right tributary of the Yenisei about 250 km long, in the upper course is characterized by its mountainous character, in the bottom from about 115 km to the mouth of a calmer nature, which allows safe rafting and fishing. In the river occurs a large population of grayling ( хариус ) to 1.5 kg, Lenok ( Brachymystax Lenok ) to 5 kg, pike up to 15 kg and up to 30 kg taimen in the river is also found whitefish ( сиг ) , burbot ( налим ) , perch and white fish (Coregonus lavaretus). Rafting will take place from the mouth upstream with stops at night angling in interesting places, then down back the river to the village Worogowka. The total projected length of the route is about 50-90 km. Preferred method of fishing is spinning and fly fishing

River Dubczes. Left tributary of the Yenisei River of a similar nature to Worogowka, peaceful in its lower reaches with numerous switchbacks and depressions forming good fishing places. In the river that are the same species of fish as in previous river and a large population of таймешата (fish of the species of salmonids), but with a smaller population taimen, a large population of big perch and pike.

 Area: Yenisei tributaries (Worogovka, Sughaja, Dubches, Kamiennyj Dubches)

Fish spices: Taimen, lenoks (Siberian palia), grayling, pike, whitefish and perch

Fishing methods: spinning, fly fishing

The number of participants: 4-5 or 8 (River Dubches)

Season: mid May to mid. October


The city Krasnoyarsk from other regions of Russia is more convenient and faster way to get on the plane – there we start. It’s a big city in the middle of Russia with many hotels where usually we have a rest for one day after long fly. Next to the village Worogovo can be reached as follow:
In the navigation period (June-October) on a comfortable passenger ship, which has cabins of different classes. First Class Cabin is a double with a window on the main deck. The second class – four person cabin, window onto the deck, sink There are single cabins deluxe and junior suite too. On the cruse there is a shower, restaurant, bar, and a snack bar. The ship makes a short stop in the local villages where you can buy local food, drinks and souvenirs! We assist in the acquisition and booking tickets. The village Worogovo ship arrives on the second day in the afternoon.


Description (example):

Group –4- 5 anglers. Right tributary of the Yenisei about 250 km long, at the top of its course is characterized as a mountain river, we start from its estuary and go up the river for about 90 km fishing in interesting places on our way. Than on second day we reach our fishing base from we go up and down the river fishing in interesting places. In the river there is a large population of grayling (хариус) to 1.5 kg Lenok (Lenok) to 5 kg, pike up to 10 kg and taimen up to 25 kg, the river is also found whitefish (сиг), burbot (налим) and perch.  Accommodation: majority in the hunting lodges (izbuszki).  Meal three times a day. Total potential length of the route is about 90 km in one way The preferable method of fishing is spinning and fly.


Expedition plan.

Day 1 Arrival to Krasnoyarsk, meeting on the airport, transfer to the hotel, day off, look around Krasnoyarsk, visit in fishing shop, etc. according to your wishes. Night in the hotel.

Day 2 Morning transfer to the harbor I Krasnoyarsk, boarding on the ship (7:00 AM) - the Yenisei river cruise to the village Worogowo - about 1.5 day ticket price from about 6500 RUB one-way. Passenger ship, cabins, shower, restaurants, bars.

Day 3. Arrive to the village Worogowo (about 3:00 PM) short briefing with the guides, starting upstream runoff, setting the camp on the river, fishing, meal.


4-7 day trip up the stream, fishing, also in the smaller tributaries of the river, camping by the river usually in hunting huts, meal breaks, rest.

Day 7-8. Rafting down the river, fishing. In the evening last day return to the village Worogowo, banya (Russian sauna), and dinner with a local specialties and overnight in the village.

Day 9. Morning breakfast. Way back to Krasnoyarsk, return to Krasnoyarsk by hydrofoil Meteor (about 2600 RUB / person) - about 7 hours, then bus (8,000 RUB / group) - about 4 hours. In Krasnoyarsk we are about midnight

Day 10. Accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing, shopping - all to establish

Day 11. Morning transfer to airport. Fly home.

Price for trip according to the program above -  2100 Euro/per. (group of  5 anglers)

The price of the trip includes a full complex of services under this plan from the moment you arrive to the village Worogowo group until its abandonment. That is: English speaking  guide - me (from arrival to Krasnoyarsk to the fly group from Krasnoyarsk), all necessary materials and products for organization and holding runoff, (2 local fishing guides, fishing boat with engine, fuel, food, fishing licenses, payment of local guides fishing, lifejackets, accommodation etc.)



The above price is not included: the cost of international air tickets to and from Krasnoyarsk (I help to buy in most reasonable price – from 600 EUR) , the cost of obtaining Russian visa, along with insurance, any expenses related to the stay and transfers in Krasnoyarsk (airport-Krasnoyarsk transfer 2000 RUB/group), expenses associated with reaching the village of Worogowo Krasnoyarsk (ship - approx. 6000 RUB one-way travel time of about one and a half day), return by hydrofoil to (2600 RUB/per) Yeniseysk, then a mini bus (cost about 8,000 RUB / group), additional personal expenses, alcohol, tips for guides etc.

Fishing tackle, bait, sleeping bags, etc. The members of the expedition take it on their own and at their own expense.


CONTACT: Irek Szatlach

tel. +48 534 628 458