In the realization of dreams, the most difficult is the first step.

04 December 2020
Kamchatka King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, Red Salmon, Steelhead. Organization of your Kamchatka fishing trip and stay: Once you landed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski just relax and don’t worry about anything.
07 September 2020
Taimen fishing, when, where and why? Tajmen is one of those legendary fish that many anglers around the world dream of one. It is influenced, in my opinion, by several
23 July 2020
Russia Fishing at the end of the world: sakhalin taimen, siberian taimen, chum, koho, pink salmon, white spotted char and others Fishing in Russia on Sakhalin Island - the only

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Fishing trips to Russia

Russia Fishing Trips


Russia fishing trips. Taimen fishing. Wild fishing expeditions in Russia.

Each of my fishing trips to Russia is aimed at catching wonderful fish in unspoiled wild regions of Russia. They are not easy trips and if you expect well-equipped fishing lodges, high comfort and luxury, then stay better at home, there will definitely be more convenient. On the other hand, if you want to taste a real fishing adventure, sink into the Siberian taiga or arctic tundra and fish wonderful fish in a wild river where no one else is meeting, I invite you to my world.

Who are my fishng trips for?

Taimen fishing Russia

It could be said briefly: for anglers, adventurers, for all those who are not afraid of challenges and would like to have something to tell not only their grandchildren, but also those who prefer to sit in front of the TV. My fishing trips have different levels of difficulty and comfort, but none of them is a survival trip. Both young people and people over the age of seventy participated in them and some brave girls as well. Average physical fitness is sufficient, psyche, good humor and willingness to experience adventure are more important.

Our goal is to catch great fish such as taimen, lenok, Amur pike and many others depending on the region.

The proposal of all organized fishing expeditions results from my own experience, transport optimization, and hence price optimization.

To sum up, if you would like to go with me to a completely different world and experience a fishing adventure, I cordially invite you. But I warn you, you can't be indifferent to Russia, you can fall in love with it and come back every year, just like many of my friends I once took here.

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tel. +48 534 628 458

In the realization of dreams, the most difficult is the first step. So if you are alone or have a group of friends and you are dreaming of a fishing trip to Russia, just contact me. Sometimes, unfortunately, I am in a place where there is no telephone or internet, do not worry, I will call you or write back as soon as I have the opportunity so we could fix all the chapters of your dream expedition.

With regards: Irek Szatlach

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