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Fishing trip to Russia, especially the far and wild one is the dream of many anglers around the world. Many people think about it, dream it, but few decide to do it, just like few go to Sahara or the Arctic, for example. However, is it so difficult and unattainable? I would like to familiarize you a little bit with everything and tame the subject as I see it. I have been organizing fishing trips to various corners of Russia for over ten years and I would like to dispel some myths or stereotypes here in a few sentences. So get to work!

1) Is Russia a dangerous country?

In my opinion, safer than many others I've been to. The old crime ended years ago, or maybe just like everywhere has moved to another level? Russia is a safe country at the moment, the local police are doing very well in this respect and I have never had any trouble here. Of course, like everywhere I do not walk alone on dark alleys at night and I do not look for a troubles.

2) Is fishing trip to Russia expensive? The price.

Russia is a country the size of a continent, remember that we want to reach completely remote places, where there are no roads in the sense we know, therefore, to achieve the goal we are forced to travel at least several hundred, and many times, a thousand or more kilometers and use different means of transport , which affects the final price of the trip. Based on many personal experiences in my portfolio you will find expeditions very economical for Russian conditions, as well as those that require renting a helicopter as the only means of transport to reach very distant and specific places.

3) Fishing season in Russia.

The summer fishing season in Russia begins in mid-June and ends in October. It depends of course on the place, for example in the north of Yakutia, Evenks territory it starts later and ends earlier.

4) What is the weather like in Russia?

Mostly in Russia there is a continental climate, i.e. very harsh winters and hot summers. In central Siberia, summer temperatures can reach up to 30 0C

5) What methods do we fish for?

We fish with many methods, from traditional, spinning, to fly fishing.

6) Is it difficult to get a visa for Russia?

Definitely not. I have never encountered a refusal to issue a visa before. From 2021, it is planned to issue electronic visas throughout the country in Russia, such visas are already issued for travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

7) Are there many bears and are they dangerous?

Every wild animal is dangerous. The largest bear population is in Kamchatka and Sakhalin. We meet them sporadically, they basically avoid people, just behave normally, they will hear and sense us first. Sometimes they go out curious and watch us from afar. I will say that during these many expeditions I did not once use a weapon, even to scare the bear away, they went away alone.

8) Do Russians speak English?

In larger cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg there are many Russians who speak English. Outside these cities, it's hard to find someone who speaks English. However, outside of these cities you are already under my protection.

9) Do Russians like foreigners?

Definitely yes. The language barrier may be a problem. Russians are a very hospitable and open nation.

10) What equipment and what to take for the trip?

I always send a full list of recommended fishing gear and items necessary for an expedition to each participant in the expedition. This list changes depending on the place and time of the planned trip.

11) Do we fish from the shore or from a boat?

Depending on the location, conditions and type of trip we choose the optimal fishing conditions and methods. We often change camps on the river, sail and stop at the best fishing spots. We do not limit ourselves to the plan, we fish where it is best in the given conditions. Very often, the anglers themselves determine how, what, and where they want to fish, we only advise, instruct, help and create the best conditions.

12) What boats do we use to move and fish?

Depending on the type of trip we use appropriately adapted means to move on the river. Sometimes they are inflatable boats equipped with jet engines, sometimes typical Siberian boats also equipped with similar engines, and recently, what is becoming more and more common, excellent Russian Sever type sliders.

13) Is such a trip safe and who can participate in it?

Safety first. Each of my trips is a trip for fishermen and they are not survival trips. Nevertheless, these are trips to places far away from civilization, wild, where we can only count on ourselves. That is why we put special emphasis on the safety of participants. Fortunately, for all these years we have not had any serious accident, we have never called for help by satellite telephone, nor have we ever used a weapon, except for hunting ducks and other birds. Young people with very good physical condition as well as people over 70 took part in the expeditions, we were also honored by a few brave girls. Normal physical condition is enough.

14) When and how to book the trip?

It's best to contact me in any form. On the website and in my Newsletter sent from time to time to all interested parties you will find information about the organized expeditions. No matter if you have a group of friends or are a lonely wolf, I invite you. Because such trips are planned well in advance and I personally participate in each of them in the season, there are not too many of them, because each lasts about two weeks, so you certainly should not count on the last minute. I usually plan trips a year or so in advance.

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In the realization of dreams, the most difficult is the first step. So if you are alone or have a group of friends and you are dreaming of a fishing trip to Russia, just contact me. Sometimes, unfortunately, I am in a place where there is no telephone or internet, do not worry, I will call you or write back as soon as I have the opportunity so we could fix all the chapters of your dream expedition.

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