If you dream about a wonderful trip for little money into the Siberian taiga, up the tributaries of the great Yenisei  River and do not be afraid to leave everything for a few days sleeping in real hunting lodges, if you think about seeing Russia that you will not find in guidebooks, this is an expedition for You.The beginning of this trip is the city of Krasnoyarsk where I will met you at the airport, located in central Russia. This is where we set off further north to gradually move away from civilization, mobile phones and television. After arriving in Krasnoyarsk, we will spend the night at the hotel to refresh ourselves slightly and rest upon arrival.

In Krasnoyarsk you are usually in the morning, so after refreshing we have a whole day for ourselves, which we can set according to our own plan. As a rule, mandatory points is a visit to the fishing shop (near the hotel and beautifully stocked) and the restaurant "Maslenica" serving excellent Russian dishes. Such dishes as herring under the schubą, or beef tongue, and then a glass of horseradish-honey tincture, often caused that the restaurant remained during the whole trip the only one we visited, just nobody wanted to eat somewhere else.The next day, the second day of our stay, begins with a transport to the ship called here teplohod. There will be two units on the route: Matrosov and Czkalov. These ships are the true history of these waters and the Yenisei passenger traffic. Both were built in German shipyards in the fifties of the last century and today they run reliably from Krasnoyarsk to Dudinka in the far north. We will go a little closer, about 800 km north of Krasnoyarsk, which will take us one and a half days.

From now on we practically forget about credit cards, mobile phones and television. However, we have cabins, our own berth, a walking deck, restaurants and a bar. As time passes, we are saying goodbye to the Krasnoyarsk industrial landscape, gradually sinking into an infinite taiga, stopping only in small towns and villages situated above the Yenisei. Stops in themselves, of course, are a great attraction and treat. Just like when traveling by train some people get on their feet, the stop here lasts longer, usually about half an hour, and then the local market, located and organized right next to the ship, becomes an attraction. The local housekeepers and hosts come here and sell their products, which are often only available here. Smoked fish, salted and smoked grayling, starlet, or perch, homemade food and tinctures, dumplings, strawberries, which here, although they occur periodically, their taste is really excellent, in a word, variety.

After reaching the next day in the afternoon for the purpose of our trip, we meet Sergey and his team and start the expedition. A trip deep into the Siberian taiga is a serious matter that requires many preparations. A great fishing adventure and facing the hardships of staying in the taiga is our goal. That is why we must rely on the experience and skills of "taiga people" - great guides who know every rim of the river, every seat, and can survive in these difficult conditions, in which man is really just a guest. A satellite phone and a shotgun are two of many things that we can not forget to make the trip safe and become one big adventure. So far neither the satellite phone nor the shotgun has been used in an emergency.

Shotgun was only useful for hunting capercaillies and ducks, the bears themselves avoided us from a distance. The expedition includes a "katjer" or covered large boat that allows you to pull two additional boats with engines and at the same time can accommodate up to 6 people, three local guides, tents and a dog, an indispensable companion to our expeditions, helpful not only when hunting for capercaillies and ducks but also as our guard and guide. From now on, the only connection with the world will be a satellite telephone.Yenisei and its countless tributaries, islands and oxbow lakes are home to many species of fish and animals, and thus gives so many angling possibilities that change depending on the season and region. Yenisei and its lagoons and lowland rivers are a kingdom of pike, great perch, two-three-kilo ides, but also rare species  like big sturgeons, or a smaller starlet looks like a sturgeon, a silver torpedo called nelma, muksun, or a giant because it's coming up to a dozen or so kilos of burbot.

There are also so-called "upper rivers", or mountain-style rivers, and here the fish stock changes. The king of these rivers or the tsar, as the Russians say, is here Taimen - salmon fish, occurring basically only in the rivers of Russia and some rivers of Mongolia. Due to the rarity of its occurrence, it is one of the most valuable fishing trophies in the world. It has been entered into the so-called the red book, as a protected species and it is caught sport only in accordance with the principle of "catch and release".

The next species noteworthy is definitely the lenok from salmon fish, hardy and brave opponent in terms of fishing, which is a beautiful trophy. A separate topic is grayling, which is common here and sometimes is a real nuisance, especially when we are interested in larger species. The only advice then is to change the bait to a bigger one. As you can see from the above, having such a wide range of choices, we set the trip plan depending on the preferences of the participants. One thing is for sure, the fish are definitely there.

During the expedition, accommodation depending on the region in which we find ourselves is different. If we are fishing on the lagoon near the Yenisei, we sleep on a "katyer", in the cabin, unless someone feel more comfortable in  the tent – you are welcome. On the mountain tributaries of the Yenisei we spend most of the time in "izbuszka" - hunting lodges used by "pramyslowik" - local hunters who hunt in the winter on sable deep in taiga and use it as their base. In the summer they stand empty and we can use them. Some of them even have a banya - a Russian sauna, there is also an opportunity to take advantage of it. In these tributaries the fishing pressure is such that we probably will not meet anyone on it. As for the food, during the trip in taiga the standard is three meals a day, prepared by our guides, a kettle with tea, always standing hot over the fire, and snacks are available all the time. All food products are provided by our guides and of course by ourselves fishing. We also take a smokehouse with us to try warm smoked graylings, perches or starlets. From time to time, we can hunt for the capercaillie or duck, besides we have reindeer or moose meat, and if we want it to be fast, because it's a waste of time to eat as a fish is baiting, the corned can is helpful.Due to the fact that we have with us a "katier" or a large cabin boat and two other boats with engines we are independent and mobile. So using this we are moving from place to place, and this one day we fish on the reservoirs, then move to a completely different place and catch other species, for example on a mountain river and try to hunt for the legendary taimen - the king of these rivers, beautiful lenok, or to catch up like never a grayling. Everything depends on our preferences and arrangements. After returning from the taiga, we stay at the home of one of our guides. There waiting for us not only the luxury of sleeping in a normal bed, but a hot banya and a gala dinner. In the morning breakfast and head to the bank of the Yenisei, where we get on the "Meteor" - hydrofoil, which at a speed of about 70 km / h will take us up the river Yenisei – to one of the oldest cities on the banks of this great river. Yeniseisk is a city that in history played a great significance for the entire area, its position and size is demonstrated by the magnificent Siberian wooden architecture, probably not seen elsewhere, it is worth seeing, although many of these magnificent buildings are falling down and unfortunately ruining. In Yeniseisk, we change onto a bus and drive about 400 km to Krasnoyarsk to the hotel. We reach Krasnoyarsk at night and, as a rule, the next day we have free, which we devote to a further escapade around the city and the possible purchase of souvenirs. We spend the night again at the hotel and in the morning fly home.


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