Kamchatka King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, Red Salmon, Steelhead.

Fishing on Kamchatka Russia

Organization of your Kamchatka fishing trip and stay:

Once you landed in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski just relax and don’t worry about anything. You will be welcome there by our staff (English speaking guide). Since this moment all charters, comfortable accommodation, delicious dinning and excellent fishing it all be provided by our professional team.


100% safety: our no helicopter transfer to remote and wild river give you prove will never miss your fly back home or fishing day because of bad weather, the second goal in this case is good price for this outstanding trip.

Salmon fishing on Kamchatka

We have exclusive rights to provide sport fishing trips on this river and fishing licenses are issued to the each angler.

Your adventure starts just from your first steps on Kamchatka. From the airport you will be taken by fully equipped 4x4 jeeps, next change to the modern pontoons with motor jests engines right to our comfortable base in the  middle of nowhere, far away from civilization. But the route to this magic place is worth seeing too: you will cross beautiful Bystrinsky Nature Park, roll past magnificent volcanoes and tuffets, visit hot springs and relax in its hot waters and drink mineral water just from mineral springs.


First day of your trip.

Landing on Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski International Airport after short greeting you will be taken through very scenic area to place called Milcovo (about 350 km) where we spend the night in the hotel. On our way there, we want to take you to the hot springs. A relaxing swim in their waters will be an excellent rest after such a long journey. Then we will spend the night in the hotel, from where next morning after breakfast we set off on journey to our base.

Kamchatka fishing trip

Second day of your trip on Kamchatka.

Wake up call at 8:00 am, breakfast, departure at 9:00 on our jeeps, 2-3 hour drive. In meantime visit natural mineral springs. Get to the river, 15 minutes on our jet boats and we are in our base. Moose, bears and array of birds, and salmons are daily participants involved on your trip. Professional guides and cook are at your service. It’s only wild wood and river around, a very scenic area that abounds in wildlife.  There is no civilized life within a radius of 200 km. Your chef and guides professionals and veterans will keep you hocked up with unbeatable array of freshwater trophy fishing. At the end of the fishing day you can enjoy your catch trophy on BBQ. Our new lodges offer guests fully equipped facilities furnace heating, electricity, full beds with bedding and towels. Additional for your comfort you will find: drying room for your waders and fishing clothes, our chefs kitchen, BBQ, Russian Sauna (Banya), WC, opens space for dining, saloon with chimney – perfect place for parties. This all will wait for you in really savage, remote and beautiful place.

Fishing lodge on Kamchatka

6 days Kamchatka fishing in the wild river. A typical fishing day is as follows: morning breakfast and start guided fishing tour. Every day along with a guide on the boat the crew goes up or down the river, depending on the arrangements. Fishing is practically all day without return to the base. There, on the river, a guide prepares on the open fire a meal for the group. In the evening return to the base and dinner, prepared by the chef.

Additional attractions. Evens are one of the native Kamchatka’s indigenous nations. There are 6-7 family clans live on the river all year round. As there never was a road, their lifestyle is very solitary. It takes them 3-4 days on hors back to get to the near village. They survive fishing, hunting, gathering and folk crafts.

Salmon Kamchatka


Rafting, on your request. We can organize rafting by the river. The river difficulty level is estimate on 2-3.

Visiting waterfalls where salmon overcome the rapids on its way to springhead for sprawling is one of the memorable attractions.

Day eight - return. Because we are not dependent on helicopter transport, firstly, the expedition is more economical, secondly, we are not exposed to the risk, due to bad weather, and we will not get to the plane. Helicopters often change flight schedules due to weather, and then there is the problem of getting back to the plane back home. We do not have that risk here. We go back a similar way as here we arrived at the hotel overnight. This time the attraction will visit the local fish market.

Day 9 - airport transfer, farewell with guides, departure home.Trophy salmon Kamchatka

Your Kamchatka fishing trophies:

Sea Trout – among salmon family, sea trout is the most north fish. Unlike other salmon Sea Trout has very small scales so in seams like naked by feel. Could reach more than 80 cm long and weight 15 kg


Chum Salmon – Chum is a type of migratory red  fish of pacific salmon family. Its slightly aligned body covered with silver scales. Its slightly elongated body covered with silver scales with grey-pink stripes with typical spots at the back area. Could reach 100 cm long and about 14 kg.


Whitespotted Char. Its fusiform body is covered with big white spots which number increases in age. It is an emigrational type with several sprawling dwelling in Asia from Japan on the South to the Kamchatka on the North. Could grow to 90 cm and 11 kg.


Chinook Salmon – the biggest Pacific Salmon and of fresh water fishes on the North East. It has a lot of gill stamens and powerful body with dark points and dark spots. Could reach 140 cm long and weight over 50 kg.


Rainbow Trout – it has silver color with white or multicolored spots with or without pink, yellow and blue undertones. Could reach 70 cm and weight 3,5 kg


Silver Salmon – it’s differing from other salmons by its powerful body, relatively big spots at the back and sides and its short wide fish tail. Could reach 40-80 cm and weight 1,5-5 kg




Kamchatka located in the North of the country and covers an area of 472,3 thousand km2. The province included part of the mainland, the Kamchatka Peninsula, Karaga and the commander Islands. The extreme southern point is Cape Lopatka (50°57’ N), the most North point is almost at the Arctic circle (65° N. lat.). In the South of Kamchatka is bordered by the Kuril Islands in the North and North-West of the Chukotka Autonomous district and the Magadan region. From the East it is washed by waters of the Pacific ocean, from the North-East – the Bering Sea and West to Okhotsk.

Kamchatka road to fishing

Kamchatka is Russia's only region of active volcanism. In addition, the Kamchatka Peninsula, with its many volcanoes is part of the famous Pacific "ring of fire". Over 70% of its territory is occupied by mountains. There is more than 1000 volcanoes, including 29 active and about 300 extinct.

Volcanic activity is evident not only in the eruptions. In Kamchatka ypu will find 274 hot mineral springs (with temperatures ranging from +12 to +100 °C for fans of "hot" sensations).

Kamchatka salmon fishing lodge

The climate of the Peninsula is oceanic, relatively mild, with  high rainfall up to 2000 mm/year (height of snow cover reaches 2,5 - 3,0 m), long frost-free period is 140 days. Long-term average air temperatures are in January -16,4°C, in July +13°C.



Kamchatka fishing with bears

The flora and fauna of the Kamchatka region is characterized by remarkable diversity. This variation is due to several conditions: climate diversity zones, landcsape and places where it has not yet reached civilization, where nature still retains its original appearance.

On the territory of Kamchatka is inhabited 918 species of animals, birds and fish. Among the most interesting animals are the brown bear, elk, reindeer, bighorn sheep, also here you can meet even a wolverine. Without a doubt, the king of the Kamchatka fauna is the brown bear.

FISHING on Kamchatka.

Fishing for salmon on Kamchatka Penisula is legendary and considered among the best in the world. In the waters of the peninsula live all kinds of Pacific salmon (chinook  salmon, pink salmon, Coho, sockeye, and keta) that annually millions of spawning in local rivers, as well as many other fish that live permanently in the rivers and lakes like arctic char, grayling or big trout. Deep lakes and fast mountain rivers full of the noblest species of fish and ferocity of these places make the Kamchatka Peninsula for many years a place of dreams for the most anglers. Kamchatka rivers preserved in the same state as nature created them, many thousands years ago. The huge population and diversity of fish species occurring here in conjunction with the wildlife, makes this place unique. After their memorable moments and fishing trophies come here flyfishers both with seasoned and budding spinners. Guiding principle used here is catch and release, however is allowed, take the fish to the current consumption.

By the river Kamchatka
Climate and weather

The average monthly air temperature and weather conditions:

May, June: +4, little rainfall, rests of old snow, almost never rains.

June: +9, occasional rains.

July: +13, occasional rains and rainstorms

August: +14, stable weather, rare precipitation.

September: - the +10, steady weather, rare precipitation, freezing nights.

October is +5, not stable weather, freezing nights, snow, rain ordinary


Kamchatka fishing base - trophy class salmon fishing

Fishing lodge on Kamchatka

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