Fishing trips. River SiberiaDuring this expedition we will visit the areas where the Evenks live - an ancient people of fishermen and hunters, who lived here much earlier than the Russians arrived. Thanks to the acquaintances we made during our last expeditions to those regions, we will be able to fish on rivers that are only in their possession. Fishing in these waters requires a permit from the elders, the average Russian cannot fish there, These are wonderful rivers rich with fish with a completely wild character, with wonderful places that will be remembered forever.Evenkia Russia river fishing

Our expedition begins like many of my expeditions to Krasnoyarsk, the undisputed capital of Siberia. This is where we arrive in the morning and land at a newly built beautiful airport from where we go to a hotel located basically in the city center. We have a whole day at our disposal to refresh ourselves after the journey but also to explore the city a bit. Near the hotel there is a non-demanding Georgian restaurant, which serves delicious dishes, excellent wine and a traditional charm - samogon, which has about 50%. We can also go to a well-stocked fishing shop to make the last supply before the trip. All this is negotiable.Yenisey fishing expeditions Russia

The next morning we board the ship to go almost 900 km up North along the current great Yenisey, called here the father of Russian rivers. I believe that the local ships and their travels, compared to the Trans-Siberian railway, are definitely underestimated by tourists and completely undiscovered. There are two ships on our route, built in the middle of the last century in the German shipyards. They are veterans, but how reliable and beautiful. I don't know if there are any ships of this age anywhere in the world that are maintained at a level that regularly serve the local people during the summer season to communicate with the world in this vast area. Every passenger has double cabin here, there is also a restaurant and bar and an inseparable "kipiatok" - a thermos with hot water for tea or coffee.

From Krasnoyarsk our ship departs punctually at 7:00 a.m. First we move in the industrial landscape of Krasnoyarsk to blend more and more into the immeasurable Siberian taiga. On the way we pass villages, but the biggest impression is made by the size of the river itself, but this is only the beginning, because what seemed to be a great real size reaches after meeting with the next great river Angara.Siberia expedition

We will reach our destination port the next day in the evening. It is a place where another great river - Podkamiennaya Tunguska - flows into Yenisei. It is here that we change the means of transport to a katier – vessel which will be our home for the next days. It is here that we will move, sleep and live. Two smaller boats are moored to the katier, which will allow us to quickly move along smaller rivers, which are our goal. The next day in the morning we set out to climb up the river, fishing in the Podkamiennaya River, and on its tributaries. The crew of the katier, and at the same time our guides , my long-standing friends, with whom I have made many expeditions to these regions, people who know the taiga and the local rivers like hardly anyone else, they were born here and raised, they live here, fish and hunt.Fishing trips to Russia

Our fishing target will be the wonderful lenoks - local salmonids, secret property - the tsar of these rivers - taimen,  big graylings, whitefish, perches, Siberian pikes and big burbot. As usual, we will also hunt for ducks, and maybe even wood grouse, to enrich our menu.Fishing guide Russia

To make our expedition to these wild and beautiful regions safe we rely not only on our experience but also on technology. We always take our satellite phone and weapons with us. Although we have never used a satellite phone or a weapon, even to deter bears, but only to hunt ducks, these are some of the things that need to be taken into taiga.Wild Russia adventures

Apart from the fishing aspects of this expedition it is impossible to overestimate its sightseeing values. We start from the mouth of a large Siberian river, which changes its character from a wide lowland river to a more mountainous one. As we move forward, rocks and stones begin to surround us. This makes us even more convinced of the wilderness and raw beauty of the region. Along the way, in the area of almost 150 km, we meet only one Evenks village, the rest is taiga, rocks, stones and water.


Russia - Siberian trip to the land of Evenks. 8 days of fishing in completely wild areas

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Fishing trips to Russia

Russia Fishing Trips

02 July 2020

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