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Fishing in Russia on Sakhalin Island - the only reason why people came here long time ago and settled there were fish. Even the shape of this island seen from the sky is compared by some to the fish. Sakhalin is one of the easternmost outposts in Russia, an island lying on one side in the Ochocki Sea, and from the other side surrounded by the Japanese Sea. From the mainland it is separated by the Strait of Tatar, and from the Japanese island Hokkaido is divided by the Strait of La Pérouse'a. Due to the fact there is rather a sea climate here, we do not have to deal with such radically different temperatures as in Central Russia. On the southern tip of the island, you can see wild bamboo, which certainly does not associate with the Russian winter. On Sakhalin there is many lakes and rivers, streams, mountains and wild taiga. Sakhalin is the sea, the ocean, the rivers and streams, but also the salty and sweet lakes, where over 1000 species of fish live! Many of them are real fishing trophies and rarities.Fishing salmon on Sakhalin Ireland Russia

We fish in Sakhalin for a whole year, changing only the places and species of fish. The winter fisherman starts here before the first ice, when you can actually count on taking almost every species: siberian taimen, sakhalin taimen, white spotted char, malma, amur pike and many others. After the first ice, there is a change of place and the anglers move to the sea, where they fish for small but delicious navaga. This period ends in April.Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi, Hucho perryi), also known as the Japanese huchen or Stringfish

With the arrival of the summer season May-June begins with the fishing season of the cherry salmon  and white spotted char. Sima – cherry salmon at that time goes up the river for spawning, while the char goes out to sea after wintering up the river. Sima also catches a fly and although she is not impressive size, its prowess is comparable to her much larger relatives, so it catch is so attractive. You can not skip the reds (chervica) or the sakhalin taimen - the giant and beautiful fish that is included in the red book, which is only caught in the "catch and release" principle.

July is definitely a good time for the pink salmon of the beaches. You can also count on good white spotted char. In the northern part of the island to the rivers and banks of the Sakhalin approaching sakhalin taimen. It is usually caught in shallow bays or near the estuary until OctoberSakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi Hucho perryi) Japanese huchen or Stringfish


Undoubtedly, Sakhalin is one of the most interesting fishing areas not only of Russia but also of the world.Fly fishing in Russia. Taimen fly fishing


On Sakhalin there are two types of taimens - Siberian Tajmen and Sakhalin Tajmen called chervica or sea taimen. Salmonidae such as: chum, pink, sockeye, coho, brook masu, white spotted char, dolly varden, lenok, arctic grayling and many others fish species make this place unique for everyone angler. There is no way to skip the ussuri witefish and amur pike who has a completely different colors and is an exeptional trophy.

In brief, seasons for individual fish species in Sachalin:

June (rivers) - taimen, white spotted char

July - August (lagoons) – taimen, white spotted char, safron cod, kambala

September - October – siberian and sakhalin taimen, white spotted char, coho, chum, pink salmon, dolly verden and others


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