Angling adventure in the wild taiga, wild and beautiful river that other fishermen can not reach, accommodation in real hunting hats and great fishing. If you are not afraid of challenges, then this is an expedition for you.Big taimen fishing Russia. Fishing base in the middle of siberian taiga

Where we fishing?

This right tributary of the Yenisei, located far to the north in the Turuhansk region, can safely be called one of the richest and most beautiful rivers of northern Russia. A typical wild river winding among the immense taiga, wonderful landscapes surprising with its beauty and wildness of Siberian nature. Sometimes it surprises us with wild and mountain character, frets, surf, surrounding rocks and waterfalls, and in a moment to completely change its character and lazily wibrate among cedar trees and virgin taiga.Wild river fishing in Russia

Siberian trout (lenok), and Siberian grayling everywhere, not forgetting of pike, sig and big perch. The river's surroundings are rich with wild animals, as well as mushrooms, blueberries, wild strawberries and currants, which perfectly complement our menu here. The river, especially in its higher parts, is basically inaccessible to ordinary boats.Lenok from wild river in Russia. Fishing trips.

This river is able to delight not only with its beauty and charm, but above all with the richness and diversity of fish that can surprise even very experienced anglers. The main species caught in this river are: pike, perch, burbot, grayling, whitefish and taimen of impressive size.Fihing siberian pike in Russia expeditions

On the river itself we have three camps: one main with kitchen, canteen and sauna, the other is an old hunting hut and the third one is the tents we use in the upper course of the river. This arrangement of the camps guarantees mobility along the entire section of the river, and thus a rapid change of fisheries.Our chef takes care of the food of the expedition participants. During fishing and rafting participants are guaranteed full board, consisting of three meals a day, prepared on a regular basis dishes of Russian and European cuisine but also specialties of the local Siberian cuisine, fish in various forms, bread homemade baking, depending on the season, we also collect berries , mushrooms and wild plants and herbs that we add to the dishes or, for example, we brew tea from them. Tea and snacks available according to your wishes throughout the day. Siberia fishing baseThanks to our sliders, we can reach places where it is impossible to reach by ordinary boat. On this wild river, you probably won't meet anyone during the trip. If you are ready to give up your current activities for some time and sink into the endless wilderness, give up your smartphone and see places that are scarce in the world and catch great fish, then do not hesitate.


Taimen fishing in Russia. Taimen, lenok, grayling, Siberian pike

Taimen fishing in Russia. Fishing base.

tel. +48 534 628 458

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21 July 2020

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tel. +48 534 628 458

In the realization of dreams, the most difficult is the first step. So if you are alone or have a group of friends and you are dreaming of a fishing trip to Russia, just contact me. Sometimes, unfortunately, I am in a place where there is no telephone or internet, do not worry, I will call you or write back as soon as I have the opportunity so we could fix all the chapters of your dream expedition.

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